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Hakuba Off this Spring

Yes, the powder days are probably behind us for this winter. And while you probably won’t be in Hakuba Powder anytime soon, there are still plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the village this spring. Here are my top 5 reasons not to write off Hakuba this spring.


1. It’s the best time of the year to ski with your family


Although Mom and Dad may like nothing more than to dive into the bottomless powder, most children cannot, especially if they still find their ski legs. Remember that what a high shoe is for an mature can be a high knee for a child, and if you don’t really like deep snow or if you are just used to skiing in these conditions, you may prefer a little sunshine, bright sapphire skies and a fun groomed run. Not having to expose yourself to the cold, fumble with gloves or constantly put on your neck warmers will certainly have its appeal-and with far fewer people on the slopes at this time of year, you have whole slopes to yourself. This is partly valuable for nervous skiers, children and those who like to throw carved turns on large open slopes.


2. This is the best time to challenge the greatest distances

Thanks to the exposure to the sun and the warmer temperatures that accompany it, the snow tends to be softer, smoother and more buttery in the spring. When the snow is of this quality – especially on high slopes – not only is it extremely satisfying, but it also makes steeper terrain without ice caps or harsh, sharp conditions underfoot more accessible. Bumps, for example, can seem quite intimidating and inaccessible if they are huge, rock-solid and rough. but revisit them in the spring and they are as friendly as you will ever find them; soft, creamy and playful bumps. In short, your winter challenges may be less visible in the light of spring.


3. the main lines of the hinterland are accessible

For those who like cross-country skiing, spring is their season. With less frequent snowfall and more constant temperatures, the snowpack is usually more stable, and lines that are too peril to try in the middle of winter are often manageable in the spring. The sun and the sapphire sky are also a great Bonus, as the landscape of the Japanese Alps in the northern hinterland of Hakuba is an attraction. As always, make sure you have the necessary equipment, knowledge, experience and training when venturing into the backcountry, or hire a guide to do so. Northern Heights Guiding is one of those companies with decades of leadership experience in and around the Hakuba Valley.

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